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A kitchen is the heart of a home. This is where you make magic happen by preparing delectable meals, having family meetings, making kids do their homework, holding special gatherings. Therefore, it is essential for a kitchen to be updated, functional, and visually appealing. And that is what we do best.

Designed By Experts

When it comes to kitchen renovation in Melbourne, we take pride in being a top choice among homeowners. We are experts at transforming old kitchens into modern and functional space to enhance cooking experiences. Our kitchens are designed for performance and built to envy. Kitchens that we renovate showcase careful planning, quality workmanship, expertise, precise execution and passion.

At Hyatt Construction, our goal is to transform your old kitchen into a space that matches your aesthetics, lifestyle patterns and improves your home’s functionality without breaking your budget. We offer full-service kitchen renovation in Melbourne.

Versatile and Experienced Team

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Great kitchens don’t just happen; they require careful planning, creative knack, and rich experience. And that’s what our team has proven time and time again. We have a team of experienced kitchen designers, expert installers and project managers that work in synergy and passionately to transform worn out kitchens into sleek and contemporary kitchens that spell innovation, creativity, and are simply a work of art.

Knockdown Rebuild in Balwyn

Whether you want to add beautiful granite countertops,wood cabinetry, or install stylish tile flooring, top quality plumbing fixtures from leading manufacturers, we can help you with them all, making your kitchen of dream come true.

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