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Moonga Rd Toorak

Renovation – Before & After

Extension – Before & After

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portfolios Residential Renovation


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The Yoga Manifesto & Cafe


10 Keys Street Beaumaris, Melboune VIC

portfolios Residential Renovation

Home Renovation Project: Canterbury, Melbourne

A new client approached us to renovate their Canterbury property.

What we have helped our client to achieve including the following:

  • Replaced the old carpet to new composite floor to save extra costs.
  • Re-constructed the living room and the kitchen.

Our painting team was able to work on site with the electrician team so it sped up the whole working process and helped our clients save a huge bucks on rent. They are quite happy with that.

portfolios Residential Renovation


The client’s house is based in Templestowe. They have specified asked us to replaced the following:

  • Replaced the flooring in the kitchen with tiles and bedrooms with timber floor.
  • Matched the tiles with the colour of the paint on the wall.
  • Replace the light fitting to avoid the insects accumulating.
  • Redesigned the light fitting and added the wall light.

The client has given us high credit after seeing what we have achieved, and has already recommended us to their neighbour.

portfolios Residential Renovation


Renovation – Before & After

Custom Home Project

Ultimate Guide: How to Renovate a House

As the weather warms up more house owners in Australia look at ways to enhance their lifestyle, by finding time for that to-do list of house renovations. Renovating a house is a no-brainer for people who dream of something new and are willing to take challenges to make their homes look beautiful. As with all sorts of home improvement projects, a home renovation service comes with lots of planning and hard work, but in the end, it is a phenomenal way to breathe new life into an old home.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade your home to add a pinch of modernization or renovate to prepare your property for sale, there are a few main factors to consider. Here’s our guide for advice on each stage of renovating a house:

1) Set Renovation Objectives: To avoid timeline issues and budget, plan carefully what type of renovation you are planning, like whether it’s the entire house or a part like outdoors, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, pool area, extensions, improving thermal comfort, windows and glazing, etc.

2) Draft a Timeline: Remodeling and home renovation service can often end up taking a lot more time than anticipated, so calculate the timeline accordingly including the unexpected delays that might occur.

3) Calculate the renovation costs: Renovations can be pricey. An average house renovation in Australia costs around $46,000, with a range of between $18,500 at the lower end and $75,500 at the higher end. At the costing stage, note to break down your individual costs for each part of the renovation as this will help you keep tabs on your expenditure.

4) Permits and licenses: Depending on where you live in the country, you may have to acquire a permit/license before you get started. In most places, minor changes or fix-ups are fine, but if you’re going for a major structural change, then you might need to contact your local council and get approval.

5) Different styles of renovation: Choosing your layout may seem like an overwhelming decision because Australia provides homeowners with plenty of great choices for home renovation styles. From the colonial era to early and mid-Victorian, Queen Anne-style, luxury & modern homes, bungalow-style, deco style, modernist houses, and many more.

6) Hire a Professional: Once you finalize your renovation plan, design, timeline, and budget, it’s time to hire an expert team to get the job done. Rather than choosing someone offering the lowest price, try to speak with at least three top professionals to make sure you choose the right one.

Summing Up:

Planning the entire process effectively is the key to renovate any house on a budget. Improving the style, comfort, and functionality of your living space can make homes more enjoyable to live in.

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